This object was created from a research about the relationship between different types of volumes. An object that puts different elements into perspective. For this, I started from a 2D image that I converted into 3D. I believe that this way you can prevent a proportional distortion. A work by El Lissitzky was very inspiring to me, which helped me grasp the purpose of this particular exercise.

From there, a product was created where form, function and freedom are always in proportion. This is something I strive for, both during research and designing. Starting from a basic element (frame) different functional objects can be positioned in the pattern of the frame. This way the function can always be chosen by the client. There is a variety of potential spaces to place the object in.

Because of the different modules there is a large number of possibleconfigurations. Thevolumesaredesignedinsuch a way that any combination works as a whole. This is a very important part of the design, which makes sure the object is always in harmony. Depending on where you use it (at home, work, in a reception area, …) the function should be different, same as the volumes you are using.

Many thanks to Sebastien Talpe en Janne Vanessche