Giel Dedeurwaerder

Industrial designer


In 2011 Giel Dedeurwaerder (1990) graduated from the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen
in Kortrijk (Belgium) as an industrial product designer.

After his studies he got engaged in several design collectives and worked as a freelancer.
After collaborations with Limited Editions and woodgroup Cras, he decided to start his own design studio.
In the past years he worked for different companies as Serax, Bastalpe, Collstrop, Xlboom, Decor et Jardin…

Driven by his passion for design he studies, experiments
and constructs objects on a daily basis. In that he always focuses
on a perfect balance between functionality, philosophy and proportions.
Combining these things with his knowledge and interest for
(art)history and authenticity makes his designs unique.

You can follow his daily process on 
Moments of creations

Some new insights:

For myself as an designer I am working on a long-term design research.
The last 2 years my focus was more on proportion of elements.
This because of my interest in constructivism where I got a lot of my research out. Artist like el lissitzky, Gustav Klucis, Rodchenko… 
inspire me day in day out true there vision of elements, collages, space, nature and structure.

At the start of every new design I work with a specific case. 
These are some main focus points according to functionality, usage, materials, tension…
In my latest processes I could really feel my theory on design that I developed over the years.
2D collage views transforming in 3D objects to result in a strong new design with my starting case in place.


Product Analyse & Consultancy

Every product development starts with analyzing the market and define the product scope and goals.
It is important to know the company values and processes of our clients. With a brainstorm we trigger our customers to think different and let them be part of the design process.

Concept Generation

After an analysis of the company’s needs, we start with generating new concepts and ideas. These concepts will be shown step by step in well-documented files and drawings. If needed prototypes can be provided.

Product Development

When the concept generation is done, we are able to search and adjust the concept until it fits the company needs. Technical drawings and 3D modeling is part of our job! When the product is completely finished For will blend all the info together in a document and present this to our customer.

Visualisation & Graphic Design

Every good product needs good packaging and branding. After developing the product, we can provide our clients with special made packaging and good realistic images, which they can use to convince their own clients. We can also provide logos and graphical work in line with the designed product.


Giel Dedeurwaerder Design Office

Meiweg 29, BE Kortrijk
+32 485 27 16 88
BE 0600.835.420


collective design studio 
Giel Dedeurwaerder & Brent Neve